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Yearly Curriculum

Each summer, two grades, each with five classes of 20 students rotate through each of the projects throughout the 1-2 week camp.

Summer 2022 Projects
  • States of Matter

    • Students learn how the states of matter are present in all objects, and how changes in energy can cause changes in state.​ They then apply these principles by creating ice cream without using a freezer.

  • Extreme Weather

    • This project teaches students the science behind meteorology and extreme weather patterns, such as tsunamis and hurricanes, and engineering’s role in preparing for them.

  • Bridge Building

    • Students learn about structural integrity and compete to build the strongest and most stable bridge.

  • Earthquake Towers 

    • Students learn about civil engineering and geometry to understand how structures are strengthened to withstand natural disasters.

  • Egg Drop

    • Students learn about physical principles like gravity and shock to protect an egg dropped from a substantial height using designs made by the students.

  • Boats

    • Students learn about what sinks and floats, options for designs and how engineering takes "tweaking" a design to make a great, wind powered boat.

  • Georgia O'Keefe

    • Students learn about Georgia O'Keefe and the process of water color painting. 

  • Pablo Picasso​

    • Students learn the history of Picasso and Cubism and create their own self-portraits in a Cubist style. ​

  • Cardiovascular System

    • Students learn about the cardiovascular system and how blood pumps through our bodies. They learn how exercise effects our heart rate and how to measure your heart rate.

  • Respiratory System

    • Students learn about the respiratory system and the science behind breathing through a hands on model that uses negative pressure. The model shows how our lungs and diaphragm work together to supply our bodies with oxygen.​


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